Suspicious 0bservers

Earth Disaster is Coming | ALL The Evidence (16:45)

The Safe Zones Video | Your #1 Request (4:30)

Galactic Current Sheet | Review of The Disaster Trigger (10:24)

The Great Disaster On Our Doorstep | ALL THE EVIDENCE (46:45)

The Solar Micronova is Going to Happen (19:01)

Disaster Playlist
This list starts with THE EARTH Disaster Documentary (1:33:22). If you have the time, it's a must see. it's an expanded video of the one from the top of this page.

12,000 Year Cycle Playlist
This list starts with some shorter video's anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.
It contains COSMIC DISASTER | CIA : Classified (1:17:26). This is another one to make time for. Lots of historical references in this one.

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